Based in Belfort (France), Ignacio obtained his Telecommunications Engineer degree in the Carlos III University of Madrid. He holds also a M. Sc. in Telecommunication Networks for Developing Countries from the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid, where he has been a member of the Communications and Signal Theory Department for 4 years. Ignacio has a wide experience in engineering telecommunications projects for isolated regions in developing countries (with the NGO Engineers without Borders and the EHAS foundation). Within these organizations, he has been in charge of interdisciplinary projects for creating robust and energy efficient systems for telemedicine purposes and telecommunication infrastructure. Some remarkable projects from this part of his career are the hw and sw development of a low-cost real-time tele-stethoscope for isolated rural areas, or a new architecture to save energy and extend batteries life on GNU/Linux routers. Ignacio worked for the Spanish National Biotechnology Center (CSIC) in the field of electron microscopy image processing as part of the team that developes Xmipp and Scipion software. Finally, he is now dedicated full time to the London-based EyeSeeTea Ltd company where he is also a co-founder director. Due to his previous work in the wireless open-source routers domain and his work on energy efficiency, Ignacio and his company (EyeSeeTea) integrated with Carlos Rey the team that created the FIRE Africa grant proposal to incorporate some power efficiency add-ons to the LibreRouter project, as well as some VoIP-specific new mobile application to make VoIP configuration and calls through LibreRouter easy and straightforward.

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