Meeting 2016-08-04

  • Participants: Nico, Gio, Gui, Pau
  • Review last meeting shortlist
    • DONE: All planned items, albeit with delay. Gui sent the initial spec sheet to Dragino on 2016-07-29. Pau had great success on his tour around Germany. Gio reviewed several pull requests and commits. Nico attended different events in Latin America, meeting members of LACNIC among others.
  • Define a task shortlist for week 04/aug – 11/aug
    • Website hasn’t progressed as expected (Maureen was unavailable). Consider Scann (from AlterMundi) taking charge. Assigned-to: Scann, Nico
    • Publish LibreMesh release 16.07. Assigned-to: Pau, Gui
    • Organize and attend LiMeCat2016q3 meeting in Barcelona. Assigned-to: Gio, Pau, Gui, Ilario
    • Follow up conversation with Dragino (specs sheet). Assigned-to: Gui, Nico

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