When a community decides to start deploying its first mile of network using LibreRouter

Order and recieve a box with the LibreRouter Nodes +  a printed documentation set + a pendrive whith the documentation videos and digital material

The community can use this material to guide their steps

During this cyclical collective process, the Community Networks uses participatory methods to identify the needs, functions and layout of the network, creating a clear idea of the first stage.

During the deployment, it is necessary to configure the network name in the first device.
The other nodes will “learn” the configuration automatically when they are linked.

The antennas of the nodes are aligned with the help of the LimeApp.
The decentralized configuration provisioning makes the network growth configuration-free.

Initial development of the technology stack
Prototype testing
Pilot deployments
Currently used in Community Network experiences around the world
Next step! Sales stage with follow-up. Very soon!