Meeting 2016-07-02

Fecha de publicación: 2 julio, 2016
  • Participants: Nico, Gio, Gui, Pau
  • First formal meeting
  • Wrote down a very rough roadmap regarding firmware and hardware development
  • Brainstormed a team members list and possible specific roles
  • To start, the consensus was to commit a baseline of 4 work-hours per week to the project.
  • Each participant noted down their expected geolocation, Internet connectivity and working time availability for July:
    • Pau, Barcelona (ES). 04/jul – 02/aug: Germany, mostly available.
    • Gio, Barcelona (ES). 08/jul – 13/jul: Unavailable.
    • Nico, Cordoba (AR). 22/jul – 18/ago: Partly available.
    • Gui, Barcelona (ES). 11/jul – 18/jul: Unavailable. 18/jul – 22/jul: Germany, partly available (IETF96)
  • Agreed to meet again at 2016-07-07 17:30 UTC, and have regular weekly meetings
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