LibreRouterOs release 1.3

LibreRouterOs 1.3 “El galpón”

We are happy to bring you the work of the last 6 months, with many improvements!
Thanks to everyone who collaborated with testing, documentation, development and ideas! A special recognition of the great work of @gferrero in the Lime-App, thank you Germán!
One of the most important improvements is the possibility of software updates in a simplified way through the Lime-App.

We recommend updating as soon as possible, there are many improvements and corrections!

New features and improvements

Changes and improvements in LibreMesh

  • Shared password for the administration of the community nodes
  • Utilities to use Qemu as a development platform emulating a network with several nodes
  • Support for OpenWrt versions 18.06 and 19.07
  • Utility check-internet
  • Support for ethernet in batman, which makes it possible to connect nodes by ethernet without problems.
  • Improvements in DNS:
    • The node name returns the primary IP and not that of anycast
  • New configuration possibilities and assets files:
    • copy_asset to copy files
    • run_asset: to run scripts
    • generic_uci_config: to be able to configure any UCI file from libremesh
  • New functionalities of safe-upgrade:
    • Automatic reboot when the upgrade is finished. Use –no-reboot to disable this functionality.
    • Validate that the firmware is for the current device
    • Allows you to backup files from the current partition to the new one.
  • Firmware update remotely (for example through the Lime-App)

And many other small improvements and bug fixes!


  • New screen to update the firmware.
  • Allows you to choose a firmware image from the device.
  • Creation of the shared node administration password when creating a new network.
  • More intuitive menu item names.
  • Fix of bugs in the functionality of “Locate”, now “Map”.

General changes

  • OpenWrt updated to 18.06.8
  • Generation of automated firmwares in continuous integration of Gitlab
  • In addition to generating firmwares for the LibreRouter, they are also generated for WDR3500, WDR3600, WDR4300, x86_64 (qemu)
  • Automatic and dynamic wireless link distance configuration (using ATH_DYNACK). Configured by default.
  • Many improvements in the release process, firmware names, versions, etc.
  • Increase of the minimum multicast bitrate value for 5GHz. This improves the choice of skips for routing protocols (batman advanced and babel).

How to update

Please read the upgrade instructions in the forum where you can ask for help 🙂