Meeting 2016-08-19

  • Participants: Nico, Gio, Gui, Pau
  • Review the conversation so far with Dragino and discuss design decisions
    • PoE passthrough: include it, but make it switchable (via hard or soft), default off.
    • USB connector: include.
    • Ask if the GPS module interface would be compatible with MeshPotato 2.0 FXS module
    • RF shielding: Ensure it’s included for all radios.
    • RTC: discuss its usefulness with Marek and SAn.
    • Pigtails: Bundle 4 units with each router.
    • Antennas:
      • 1 × 2.4ghz MIMO patch integrated inside the weatherproof box
      • Example:
      • 2 × 5ghz MIMO patch with female RP-SMA, weatherproof box, pole-mountable
      • Example:
  • Regarding the possibility of getting additional funding, Gio and Pau propose to invest on the web interface development, with focus on mobile devices.
  • Cati (Barcelona) wants to collaborate with the project somehow, probably design, maybe documentation as well (libremesh/librerouter deployment).
  • Briefly discussed possible licenses to use. Agreed to further discuss in a future meeting. AGPL? GPL3? Peer Production License? remix GPL adding “if you are an enterprise with stocks in the market, need to ask for permission”?
  • Define a task shortlist for week 19/aug – 25/aug
    • Write a newspiece to publish at to raise awareness. Assigned-to: Pau
    • Reorganize mailing-lists. Assigned-to: Nico
      • fcc-free = librerouter. Public communication and announcements
      • librerouter-devel = Spanish. hardware and software design. Subscribe nico, pau, gio, gui, SAn, creymoreno
      • librerouter-docs = English/Spanish. website and docs. Subscribe nico, gui, pau, gio, scann, isa, jesi, cati, paulo, julian…
    • Finish LibreMesh 16.07 release. Assigned-to: Gui
    • Coordinate website effort, between paulo, isa, scann. Assigned-to: Gui
    • Follow up conversation with Dragino, with the decisions made today. Assigned-to: Gui
    • Coordinate meeting with Marek. Assigned-to: Gui, Nico
    • Help with the website CMS if needed. Assigned-to: Nico
    • Ask Juan Pablo (Argentina) if he wants to collaborate on graphical design. Assigned-to: Nico

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