• Develop OpenWrt/LibreMesh support for the router
  • Field testing
  • 200 units batch production

Power Efficiency Module

  • Secondary board that operates using zigBee
  • if one user wants to use the network, the zigBee radio propagates the signal to switch on the whole network

Solar Power solution (TIA project)

  • Create a prototype of a modular, easy to install, robust, long-lasting and low-cost solar power infrastructure to power a WiFi router and other low-power DC appliances like L.E.D. lights and mobile phone chargers
  • A “plug and play” solution for mounting solar-powered nodes
  • Mainly mechanical engineering development, lead by a South African company
  • Includes the concept of a “primary load” (router wifi) and a “secondary load” (electricity for charging phones or so)

TVWS transceiver

  • Lead by Elektra
  • Early prototypes:


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